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“Culinary Profiles™” is culinary-destination storytelling that brings you compelling profiles, features, experiences, and stories of Earth’s bounty from the culinarians, gastronomists, artisans, agronomists, and makers who fill our plates, bellies, minds, and souls. We are compelled to tell these stories and produce original premium audio, video, print, and web content, programming, and experiences ring true to the editorial and brand promise that: Agriculture Tastes Good™.

What began as print magazine features, radio and television segments, and themed dinners has adapted to the Grapes, Grains, & Grub podcasts, video episodes, and culinary-driven experiences. We are telling stories across platforms and locations where our audience is listening, watching, reading, and just taking it all in. Culinary Profiles™ is hosted by award-winning journalist and culinary expert Ceslie Armstrong and continually in production.

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Join us for conversations with incredible people sharing stories about their experiences, communities, and points-of-view. Get tips from the pros and learn about destinations for culinary adventures; interesting product picks; and, go behind-the-scenes with culinary leaders and insiders. Listen, read, watch, and interact with our stories wherever and whenever you choose.

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