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November 2019
  • “Ceslie’s Picks” S1E4

    Listen to our host Ceslie Armstrong describe why she has chosen these products for her “Ceslie’s Picks” segment. This is an editorial segment (not commercial) and our show does not receive compensation from these brands…we just love them and hope you do too!



    “Let’s take our cue from ancient civilizations like they Mayans and Aztecs who used molcajete’s for many purposes; and, the Romans, Greeks and other who used mortar & pestles. Mix your spices; pulverize garlic, peppers, and citrus; turn nuts into pastes, and so much more. I love the basalt (lava rock) of the molcajete and you can hear more about why on this episode. I constantly use my mother’s (handed down to her from her mother) little three-legged tool I cannot live without, and everything just taste better knowing it was ground, mixed, and smashed in the same vessels as ancestors used.”



    “When you listen to this episode or Ceslie’s Pick segment, you will hear my story about my first interview with Martha Stewart (in the 90s) involving quince. To me it felt like ‘quince-gate’ but I recovered and she was nice. Anyway, to me, I knew quince as the Spanish name of ‘membrillo’ and the yummy paste is common in Latin households and restaurants to accompany meats, cheeses, breads (even slathered on butter spread atop a bolio), and it is so super easy to make. Three ingredients: quince, sugar, lemon juice. Just do a search and find the recipe you like. Or, buy some…although those are usually jellies and not quite the same. Think about cutting the paste into interesting shapes. Fun, sweet, and so good.”



    “I’m in love again! With Viognier that is. I am not a big Chardonnay drinker. Too heavy, acidic and oaky for me. But that’s just my taste. Years ago I got on a Viognier kick and it was my go to white until I just couldn’t drink it anymore. Well, I have rediscovered this best all-around goes with anything wine and keep in on hand for spur of the moment guests, last minute hostess gifts, and ‘damn I wish I had a little lite glass of wine’ moment. To me it is a bit fruitier (think stone fruits) yet not sweet and is an easy pairing option with rich buttery shellfish to grilled meats and veggies. There are good European, Domestic, New Zealand and Austrailian brands. Ask your trusted wine merchant or pour a glass of something else and log on for some research and shopping.”

  • “Culinary Destination” segment on the North Carolina Seafood Festival

    The North Carolina Seafood Festival

    If you love the water, love food, and love to have fun, then this week’s destination is definitely for you. The North Carolina Seafood Festival is a not-for-profit organization of citizens and businesses in Carteret County, along with the town of Morehead City, North Carolina. Their mission is to recognize the importance of seafood to eastern North Carolina, and the results are delicious and meaningful.

    So make plans to attend the first weekend in October. It’s a real doozy. While there you can fill your belly at a Low Country Boil, drink unlimited samples from breweries at the Port of Pours, cook with some renowned Chefs, listen to great music and entertainers, and the best part of all is watching a beauty queen compete in a fish tossing contest.

    We love the World’s Best Oyster celebration, and that includes an oyster shucking contest for professionals and amateurs brought to you by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and the Shellfish Growers Association. There’s also the Babes and Bubbles event that begins with yoga on the water, followed by brunch and a signature cocktail all to benefit a local healthcare clinic.

    There’s also a sailing regatta, a half marathon, 10 and five K races, and so much seafood to savor prepared in more ways than you can imagine. Really there’s something for everyone. Even the kiddos.

    You don’t want to miss the important Blessing of the Fleet. The commercial fishing vessels that make their home port in North Carolina continually bring in the many varieties of fish that we have become so used to having in our grocery stores across the nation.

    Festival proceeds are shared with community organizations who donate their efforts to the event. Since 1987 over $1.8 million has been dispersed among participating Carteret County non-profit groups as a result of this fun and delicious event.

  • “Ceslie’s Picks” S1E3

    Listen to our host Ceslie Armstrong describe why she has chosen these products for her “Ceslie’s Picks” segment. This is an editorial segment (not commercial) and our show does not receive compensation from these brands…we just love them and hope you do too!



  • “Culinary Destination” segment on the Taste of Chicago

    The Taste of Chicago

    So we have a really delicious pick for you this week. It’s the Taste of Chicago or just the Taste if you’re a local. Now here’s the really cool part. It’s the world’s largest free admission outdoor food festival. This incredibly fun and delicious event is held for five days every July in Grant Park. You can buy as many food and drink tickets as you wish for tastings or full servings from over 80 local restaurants, popups and food trucks who are always there, and that’s just on the food side of things. There’s a wide variety of performances, including dance and other fine arts. You name the musical style, and you’ll see it performed at this festival. From big name chefs and globally known music artists to locals serving the original tastes and sounds of Chicago, this Grapes, Grains and Grub culinary destination pick is really a multi-pallet and multi-cultural blend of flavors and experiences. So put on those stretchy pants, come hungry, and really take advantage of public transportation to fully enjoy the Taste of Chicago.

  • “Ceslie’s Picks” S1E2

    Listen to our host Ceslie Armstrong describe why she has chosen these products for her “Ceslie’s Picks” segment. This is an editorial segment (not commercial) and our show does not receive compensation from these brands…we just love them and hope you do too!



  • “Culinary Destination” segment on Alpine, Texas

    Alpine, Texas

    Okay, so this week we are excited about this really cool destination. It’s Alpine, Texas. Now Alpine is a small town in the gorgeous Big Bend country of far West Texas. There’s a ton of culture packed into this casual laid-back destination. It’s part university town, part artists mecca and part live music legend. There are many local cafes, restaurants and bars with menus that seem to fit the venues vibe. It’s known for preserving its original architecture from the 18 to early 19 hundreds, you may be strolling through a gallery, a honky tonk, an artist space or vinyl, yeah, I said vinyl record store with food, libations, and live music at every turn. Look for the restaurants that honor the incredible exterior and interior murals that Alpine is known for and ask to see their private art collections. There are some really cool ones. From West Texas style Mexican food to barbecue to upscale menus in relaxed dining rooms, you can walk your way through downtown Alpine and experience a whole lot of delicious culture at our pick for this Grapes, Grains & Grub Culinary Destination.

  • “Culinary Destination” segment on the Willamette Valley

    The Willamette Valley

    Our culinary destination pick is the Willamette Valley in the Oregon Wine Country. Did you know there are more than five hundred wineries to visit? This lush green culinary destination is for those who also love the outdoors.

    Within one hundred and fifty miles there are gorgeous vineyards and family farms to visit, and chefs who specialize in cuisine showcasing earths bounty from the land and water ways of the great Northwest.