“Ceslie’s Picks” S1E1

Listen to our host Ceslie Armstrong describe why she has chosen these products for her “Ceslie’s Picks” segment. This is an editorial segment (not commercial) and our show does not receive compensation from these brands…we just love them and hope you do too!




“This mustard business was founded by the Boetje family in Rock Island, Illinois in 1889.  The founder made his Dutch Mustard from an Old World recipe and delivered it door to door, filling buyers’ containers for one nickel.”

“Boetje’s Dutch Mustard is made from all natural ingredients — no artificial preservatives or colorings.  Imported from Canada, our #1 brown mustard seed, blended and marinated with other ingredients, results in a clean, sharp-tasting mustard that has no equal on the market. 

This distinctive mustard is formulated from an Old World recipe, using only the finest ingredients.  It starts with the special grind we give our mustard seeds, then the careful blending and aging in wood vats, followed by the stone grind process that releases the flavors of all the ingredients and marries them into one perfect, creamy smooth blend.”


“I had this mustard as a kid when we lived in Geneseo, Illinois for a time (my Dad’s hometown). When we moved back to Texas…no more Boetje’s. Even though San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country are known for their German heritage and delicious German products, this Dutch mustard was sorely missed at our house for many years. A few years ago (thank you eCommerce!!!) I was visiting my Dad in Bryan, Texas and he gifted me a bottle of Boetje’s. I teared up. Seriously. It’s that good.”




“Our family has been in the pizza business for over 50 years. Serving the very best pizza and making your day a little better has always been a part of our promise. Sonoma Flatbreads came to life in 2012 after we found that most pizza offered in grocery stores were mass-produced using the cheapest ingredients possible, and often cutting corners when it came to quality. So we set out to create pizzas for healthier lifestyles that still taste fabulous. Pizzas that taste so great that they could only come from simply honest, tasty ingredients.”

“Sonoma Flatbreads are inspired by the natural beauty of Sonoma and Northern California’s simple approach to cooking. Because of that, we don’t use any artificial flavors or colors. Our uncured pepperoni is nitrate and nitrite-free. Sonoma Flatbreads are Certified Gluten-Free, and feature our proprietary thin and tasty crust. We are a self-certified woman-owned independent business, and our promise is to offer the very best pizza. We are so happy to share our flatbread pizzas with you and your family.”


“I cook often. My boyfriend has been on a pizza buying kick so we can have a couple of pies in the freezer when there aren’t enough hours in the day to cook dinner. We are clean eaters and avoid gluten (I cannot have it), processed foods, and basically just like simple ingredients that are prepared and spiced with a delicious depth of flavor. And for pizza…crispy. So, we have tried at least a dozen brands. Hands down (thus far), Sonoma Flatbreads is the favorite. Although, it’s pizza. It’s round. We only had the Four-Cheese Traditional flavor. We have not tried the new Vegy Crust yet. I also love that it comes from a women-centric business with a Chairwoman called Jane (see her picture on the box).”



FROM THE BRAND (excerpt):

“Thanks to a trip to the Pacific Northwest in the ‘90s, the idea for UFO was born. We saw breweries there throwing lemons into hefeweizens, (Fruit? Yes, fruit!) and we simply couldn’t resist the refreshing sight. In fact, it was a sight that couldn’t be unseen … both mystifying and intriguing. While the idea of a murky beer served with fruit was a completely oddball notion back home, in that brief wondrous moment we knew it would forever change our lives. And then we tasted it…….We were bringing this bad boy back East…….We knew we wanted to drink it as often as possible. And with that, UFO was born.”

The name UFO stands for UnFiltered Offering. All of our UFO beers are unfiltered, meaning we don’t filter the yeast out of the beer, which is why they’re cloudy. Since this was an alien concept for beer brewed in the Northeast at the time, we thought the UFO moniker was fitting…..So that’s what UFO has come to represent—a portfolio of beers that’s a little bit different, a little more refreshing and flavorful, and most importantly, a product that everyone can enjoy. We’re so passionate about making a beer by the people for the people that we became employee owned in 2014 (read: we own the place!)……more on the website…”


“I used to like beer but I have not been able to drink it for many years due to Celiac Disease (no Gluten). Bummer. So this is more of a recommendation because this UFO Beer is all the rage right now. I am constantly hearing about this unique, fruity, distinct tasting beer. And, it’s widely distributed which is unusual for a craft type beer. They have a brewery in one of my favorite towns, Boston, and also Windsor, Vermont. Go to their site for the UFO Locator. Fun!”

“Here’s something I really do love about their story: (excerpted from their website) ‘Everyone here has ownership over our products which is why we test new flavors daily so that we can deliver you a refreshing adventure in every can, bottle and glass that’s poured. We’ve come a long way since UFO first touched down, and we look forward to sharing new explorations with you.’