“Culinary Destination” segment on Alpine, Texas

Alpine, Texas

Okay, so this week we are excited about this really cool destination. It’s Alpine, Texas. Now Alpine is a small town in the gorgeous Big Bend country of far West Texas. There’s a ton of culture packed into this casual laid-back destination. It’s part university town, part artists mecca and part live music legend. There are many local cafes, restaurants and bars with menus that seem to fit the venues vibe. It’s known for preserving its original architecture from the 18 to early 19 hundreds, you may be strolling through a gallery, a honky tonk, an artist space or vinyl, yeah, I said vinyl record store with food, libations, and live music at every turn. Look for the restaurants that honor the incredible exterior and interior murals that Alpine is known for and ask to see their private art collections. There are some really cool ones. From West Texas style Mexican food to barbecue to upscale menus in relaxed dining rooms, you can walk your way through downtown Alpine and experience a whole lot of delicious culture at our pick for this Grapes, Grains & Grub Culinary Destination.