Dacota Haselwood

Published: November 4, 2019


Executive Director, Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association

Dacota Haselwood has been involved in the Texas wine and grape industry since 2003 when she first became executive director of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association. Over the course of her career in the industry, she’s worked with Association board members to fulfill the mission of the Association to promote the production and appreciation of premium grapes and fine wines from Texas and to represent a unified state industry with common marketing, governmental and educational goals. During her tenure she has seen the number of wineries increase from 77 to over 500 and the number of planted vineyard acres increase from 2,500 to over 5,000.

Haselwood lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and daughter. Having grown up in North Dakota she feels particularly at home in this industry founded on agriculture, but prefers the Texas weather.